Crow and Diamond




Food distribution to the most deprived persons at the Station Zoo

Essenverteilen an Bedüftige am Bahnhof Zoo

For a few years I’ve been a part of this wonderful private volunteer activity – cooking food every winter when the temperature goes below zero and distributing warm soups several times every day to those who need it at the Zoo Station (Jebenesstr., Near City Mission).

As a distinguishing feature, we wear vests with the following text printed on them: „Living by Buddhism, helping each other. Free food distribution to the needies.“ And so it is for me and my team every Tuesday – food shopping, cleaning, peeling, cooking, tasting, warming, wrapping, preparing dishes, spoons and accessories and distributing food. And one thing I know for sure – I get a lot more than I give… I am grateful to have this opportunity and to all who support us :) YEAH!

Face painting at the refugee children´s parties (summer)


I did face painting at the refugee children’s parties (which were held in summer) and one privately organized action of incredibly great people who have big heart for children and for those who were forced to leave their homes because of the war. At least for a short time we have been trying to give the kids a little lightness and joy. With a lot of fun, joy, bouncy castle, popcorn, cakes and sweets, games and face painting, as well as profits – there was an explosion of emotions!!!